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Bullshot Crummond

Bullshot Crummond Alexa Chipman of Sonoma County Gazette gave a review on Russian River Hall’s Bullshot Crummond.

“Join the adventurers for an evening with ‘Bullshot Crummond’ and boisterous participation in live theater. The humor is on the lewd side, so I would not encourage children to attend. If you enjoy raunchy entertainment with duels, intrigue and romance, Curtain Call Theatre is a prime summer destination.”


What’s Playing at the Russian River Hall

Bullshot Crummond

Before James Bond, before Austin Powers, before Clouseau, there was Captain Hugh “Bullshot” Crummond.

Bullshot CrummondHave you laughed at the antics of Boris and Natasha, Dudley Do-right and Sweet Nell, or Snoopy vs. the Red Baron?

You’ll love Bullshot Crummond with the dashing (and not too bright) Bullshot, sweet Rosemary, evil Otto and Lenya, a senile inventor, and various other whacky characters.


Bullshot CrummondHere at Curtain Call Theatre, we love bringing you various styles of theatre and, with this farce we stretch ourselves, hopefully to your delight, to bring the broadest comedy we may have done to date.

Written in 1974, Bullshot Crummond is anything but politically correct, intentionally poking fun at, well, just about everything and everyone.

Bullshot Crummond is a hilarious “tour-de-farce” rapid-fire British comedy classic presented in contemporary Victorian Steampunk costuming and props.

Bullshot Crummond is playing from June 1-23, 2018 at Russian River Hall.


2018 Events at Russian River Hall

2018 Season

The exciting 2018 Season will thrill you beyond your wildest imagination.

“The Language of Flowers” by Gavin Kayner

March 2 – 24

(A California Premiere)
Directed by Michael Tabib

This is one of the most tantalizing plays in recent years. Two sisters, with a horrific mystery they share, must shut themselves away from the world until an unintentional intruder shatters their proverbial walls, culminating into unexpected revelations and surprises. Chock full of literary sensuality and dark humor, Mr. Kayner’s masterpiece is a must for the discerning theater goer. Adult situations. Don’t miss it!

“Bullshot Crummond”

June 1 – 23

by Ron House, Diz White, John Neville Andrews, Alan Shearman, and Derek Cunningham
Directed by Avi Lind

A parody of the 1930s low-budget grade “B” detective movies, this production derives its humor from the audacious attempt to transport effects normally reserved for films to the stage. Follow the fearless and somewhat dim-witted Captain Crummond through a series of adventuresome mishaps, alongside a damsel in distress, many colorful characters, and three deliciously nasty villains, to the long awaited conclusion of love, romance, and the saving of jolly old England from total annihilation. Fun for the whole family.

“Count Dracula” by Ted Tiller

October 5 – 27

Directed by Nadja Masura

The classic tale of the ultimate vampire, based on Bram Stoker’s horror novel, comes to life with some unexpected melodramatic humor and surprises. Special effects and colorful characters will add to your Halloween Season enjoyment. Bring the kids and come in costume for prizes and treats.

“Mrs. Warren’s Profession” by George Bernard Shaw

November 24 – December15 (10 performances only)

Directed by Michael Tabib.

Shavian humor and irony disguise this typical situation comedy of many a parent-child relationship. Not a Holiday play by any stretch of the imagination, but a lesson in life by any standard. A woman’s dishonorable past morphs into the failure of her life with the one important object of her being, her daughter. Or so she thinks! The dilemma that many parents must face with their children when the time comes for truth and reconciliation with their decisions for survival and self respect. Parents, beware of being judged by your own children! 

Join us for another exciting Season at Curtain Call Theatre and $ave by purchasing all plays in advance. 4 plays for the price of 3 plus bonus tickets. We are offering also a new theater club group special. Don’t wait!

Call 707-867-6866 today and reserve your subscription with Avi Lind, our Subscription Guru.

* June Sunday matinee at 3PM;
** October and Nov./Dec. Matinee at 2PM;
+ Our closing Gala Fundraising Event includes play, sumptuous buffet, Korbel champagne wines, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, desserts. $50 Donation. House opens at 7PM, Curtain at 8PM

Admission prices are $20 General, $15 Seniors 60+ and Students with ID.

Note: Sunday Matinee times of performances will change depending on the season due to shorter daylight times. 2PM matinees will encourage some seniors and people who want to avoid driving in the dark to attend:

Russian River Hall Address:

20347 Hwy 116
Monte Rio, CA, 95462
Tel (707) 849-4873

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