Bullshot Crummond at Curtain Call Theatre

Before James Bond, before Austin Powers, before Clouseau, there was Captain Hugh “Bullshot” Crummond.

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This dashing, determined, deliriously funny detective is a former Olympic champion, flying ace, auto racer,, and all-round sporting chap who fights the forces of evil wherever he encounters them.

When a beautiful damsel-in-distress asks him to rescue her scientist father, who was abducted and is being held prisoner, Bullshot leaps into action against his archnemesis, the devious Count Otto Von Brunno.

What ensues is a hilarious “tour-de-farce” in this rapid fire British comedy classic presented in contemporary Victorian Steampunk costuming and props.

Director’s Note

Have you laughed at the antics of Boris and Natasha, Dudley Do-right and Sweet Nell, or Snoopy vs. the Red Baron?

You’ll love Bullshot Crummond with the dashing (and not too bright) Bullshot, sweet Rosemary, evil Otto and Lenya, a senile inventor, and various other whacky characters.

Here at Curtain Call Theatre, we love bringing you various styles of theatre and, with this farce we stretch ourselves, hopefully to your delight, to bring the broadest comedy we may have done to date.

Bullshot CrummondWritten in 1974, Bullshot Crummond is anything but politically correct, intentionally poking fun at, well, just about everything and everyone. I assert that we need to be able to laugh at just how seriously we take ourselves at times, in order to renew our commitment to human rights and justice. So enjoy!

Avi Lind, Director

Bullshot Crummond, a parody of low-budget 1930s detective movies, is playing from June 1-23, 2018 at Russian River Hall.