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A Curtain Call Theatre crew of seven (Michael Tabib, Dennis O’Shea, Jake Hamlin, Chris Reid, Cookie Comer, Bill Young, and Lisa Posternak) completed our front yard landscaping project – installing a new gravel pathway and adjacent mulched border. We laid out the location of the pathway and installed bender board along the sides, laid down a plastic cloth that hampers weed growth, and put down a layer of gravel on top. Along the west side, we put in a curvy border of thick mulch with an underlayment of cardboard sheets, another type of weed inhibitor that will break down and add to the soil.

Using his 2003 Mitsubishi Cub Cadet tractor named “Barbie,” Cookie Comer, our “can do anything guy” extraordinaire, delivered 5,000 pounds of gravel and mulch to the work site from piles in our parking lot. Cookie says his wife had to “sell her jewelry” so he could buy Barbie, and that she came with scoop and chipper accessories. Small and mighty, Barbie can reach into smaller places and now logs over 500 hours. Also seen is our actor, set builder, “can make anything out of anything” and Board of Directors President Jake Hamlin posing beefcake fashion as entertainment for our hardworking crew, in which he and Chris Reid played a major role in project design and layout. Although not memorialized on video, the sparks, smoke, and fumes from Chris’s angle grinder, which he used to cut pieces of rebar to stake down the bender board, lent a Fourth of July atmosphere.

We are proud of this more attractive and accessible front entrance to our theatre you are sure to enjoy next time you come to see one of our wonderful productions. We hope to see you soon!

Curtain Call - Russian River Hall - New Landscape - Curtain Call's front