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“Hilarious”, “Outrageous”, “Irreverent”.

That’s how critics and audiences describe this British comedy by the amazing playwright Joe Orton.

Curtain Call Theatre at the Russian River proudly features many new faces in this sparkling show of biting wit and wise-cracking humor.

What starts out as a somber funeral winds up as a send up expose of police corruption, bank robbers, funeral parlors, murderous nurses, and religion, not to mention innocent by-standers…

Two clumsy young punks rob a bank and need a place to hide the money. The mother of one of them has just died and her funeral is in progress when they decide to hide the money in her coffin. But what to do with her body?

Her nurse is suspicious of the boys and has eyes for the father, the police inspector is parading as a civil employee with his own hidden agenda, the funeral procession encounters an accident with a truck, and all hell breaks loose. All this in the midst of straight faced double entendres and naughty references to many of our sacred cows.

Not your garden variety of stale comedies, this play is a cross between Oscar Wilde‘s  witty humor and Harold Pinter’s absurd plays. Humor with a sharp knife for the attentive audience. Not to be missed.

Produced and Directed by Michael Tabib.

Dates: July 23, 29, 30, 31, August 5, 6, 7, 12, 13.

Times: Fridays and Saturdays 8 PM; Sunday Matinees 4 PM.

Admission: Friday “Pay What You Can”; Saturday and Sunday $15 General; $12 Seniors over 55 and Students with ID.

Closing Night August 13 is our Gala Benefit. Come and enjoy complimentary Korbel Champagne, premium wines, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, non-alcoholic refreshments, and a great night at the theatre. Tax deductible donation $35.

Reservations: 707-524-8739; The HALL: 20347 Highway 116, Monte Rio.

Featuring: Bob Dougherty, Betsy Glincher, Kevin Kieta, Joseph Potter, Taylor Stearley, Travis Stecher.

Stage Managers: Candi Coleman and Joseph Potter.

Set Builder: Dan Vanek.

Props and Costumes: The Cast.