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“Dance With Me”, a play in Two Acts

What if Love had no limits? Although the question may seem rhetorical, it must bring to mind possibilities. But what can these possibilities be?

Jean Reynolds published this exquisite piece of theatre in 1995 in a book as one of four other women playwrights. Dance With Me comes to life at Russian River Hall with three dedicated actors in a most intimate setting. It is not drama; it is not comedy; it is not tragedy. It is all and none. It is about life.  It can certainly change someone’s outlook on one’s own life altogether.

We start off traveling on a commuter train in upstate New York. It is the 1950s and the bar car is empty except for one man and one woman. The relationship is new. The dialogue reveals their situation piecemeal and travels back and forth from the present to the memory of the man, and back again.

They dance to sensual music. He wants to know more about her.

He is married, you see, and the woman of course intuits it and asks him about his wife.

His memory takes him back again through his wife’s interjections on the opposite side of the stage from their sumptuous living room. They live high up above the panorama of the country overlooking an expanse of trees.

What starts out as seemingly common love triangle turns into something more intriguing, more substantial, more tantalizing, and explores the possibilities that real love can reveal.


The ending may surprise, even challenge, your own conception of love. Is it possessive? Is it limited? Is it selfish? Is it vain? Is it possible to love beyond the conventional definition of love as we have been conditioned to believe? Or is it without limits and the possibilities are endless, exciting, and most surprisingly satisfying?

Join us for this amazing journey with dialogue that says more than the obvious and find out for yourself. And perhaps you might experience an exciting journey of your own.

“Dance With Me” will open March 22* and continue March 23, 24, 29*, 30, April 5*, 6, 7, 12, and13 for a total of ten performances only. The last performance is our traditional Champagne Buffet Gala along with select wines, desserts, and non-alcoholic refreshments, and will be a benefit for Curtain Call Theatre at the Russian River.  Tax-Deductible Donation is $35.

*Three Fridays only are “Pay What You Can”.

All other performances are $15 General; $12 Seniors 60+ & Students with ID.

For reservations please call 707 524 8739.


Michael Tabib, Artistic Director

Curtain Call Theatre.