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Curtain Call Theatre is hosting an exceptionally talented group of Acapella singers at Russian River Hall.

Guerillacapella is a Sonoma county phenomena. We specialize in Four-part harmonies of our favorite songs. Our repertoire includes many genres: folk, rock, pop, doo-wop, gospel, Barbershop and favorite songs from the ’30s and ’40s. The unique aspect of our performance is that you get to sing too. We encourage the audience to sing along or even to join us on stage to share a special song of yours. Harmony is a special place for us and we hope you will join us there.



They perform many styles of music…and YOU can sing along as well.

One performance only, this coming Saturday, July 20 at 8 PM.

Join us for fun and merriment, and bring your own voice to add to this musical phenomenon.

Members of Guerillacapella are:

  • Jim Paschal
  • Dennis Drury
  • Judie Leibling
  • Keith Blackstone

Call 707 529 3573 for bookings

Guerillacapella at Curtain Call Theatre