Watch The Haunting of Hill House adapted by F. Andrew Leslie from the novel by Shirley Jackson starting September 6, 2019. With Jamie Colleram. Lorri Levy-Comer, Paul Menconi, Ryan Riehle, Yelena Segal and Bill Young.

Director’s Notes

Oh, how I love the “things that go that go bump in the night”.

Ever since my mother read to me from The Fireside Book of Ghost Stories, I have had a goose-bumped affection for the supernatural. Shirley Jackson’s 1958 novel, THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, is a jewel in the crown of America’s contribution to paranormal literature.

The Haunting of Hill HouseIt has been filmed twice under the title THE HAUNTING; in 1964 🙂 and in 1999 🙁 and was the inspiration, if not the basis, for the 2018 Netflix series under the original title. Jackson’s novel is unique in that her house is not haunted by the spirits of the departed. Her house IS the haunting. Does the house merely playback unhappy events from its past, like an old recording on repeat? Or is the house a sentient entity, preying on the emotional weakness of its inhabitants, causing them to self destruct? You decide.

Now sit back and relax (if you can), hold the hand of the person next to you (if you must), and enter the world of Hill House. Oh, by the
way, don’t forget to check under your seat!

Feel the Dread,
Mark Gregory, Director


Novelist and playwright, F. Andrew Leslie, worked thirty years for Dramatists Play Service, Inc., retiring in 1990 as its president. Mr.Leslie’s many plays were all adapted from popular films. If the film was based on a novel or story, he returned to the original source for his adaptation. His numerous plays include: SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS, THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE, and THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES.

See below for complete performance dates.

Friday 8 PM Saturday 8 PM Sunday 3 PM
September 6 September 7 September 8
September 13 September 14 September 15
September 20 September 21 September 22
September 27 September 28


The Haunting of Hill House Show Dates & Times

The Haunting of Hill House Show Dates & Times

The Haunting of the Hill ticket information

$20 for general audiences
$15 for Students and Seniors 60+
Showtime is 8 PM Fri & Sat; 3 PM Matinee on Sun
Doors will be opened 30 minutes before the performance

September 6 and 13 is pay what you can Fridays. September 28 would be the Champagne Buffet Gala, our fundraising closing night featuring Korbel Brut and wines, sumptuous delectable and desserts and non-alcoholic beverages with a $50 donation. Doors open at 7:00 PM, Curtain at 8:00 PM. For Reservations, you may contact us at 707-524-8739.