Dear fellow Thespians and Theatre Enthusiasts,

Greetings again.

We will be having another open meeting for everyone interested in planning the reopening of Curtain Call. Things are looking up and we are all rearing to go back on the Boards and have a great time again. So join us.

The meeting is scheduled to be held May 16 at 3 PM. at the same place as the last one: Board President Jake Hamlin’s home in a lovely outdoor safe setting. 16151 MAIN STREET; It is located in downtown Guerneville between the two stoplights just behind Sonoma Nesting Company. Parking is available next to the Old Bridge and on the streets of town.

We are close to choosing a play for the end of this year and a season for 2022. Your input will be most appreciated. We encourage all of you to attend and give us your ideas and participate in shaping the next season’s productions.

Again, it would be great to RSVP to myself here or by phone;
OR RSVP to Avi Lind at 707- 867-6866.

Cheers. Here’s looking forward to seeing all of you.


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